Short comic "Jack Ketch, Executioner: A Life" with Carl Antonowicz and Sophie Goldstein in PIX Picks #1, published by PIX: The Pittsburgh Indy Comix Expo


Release of comic Welcome to Typhon, a collaboration between Adam Bash, Jim Lawson, and myself

Piece in Horns To Tale show at A.P.E. Gallery in Northampton, MA

Short comic "You Are a Bad Person!" by Sean T. Collins and myself in Mutant #6, published by the Atomic Book Company

New U.K. edition of bootleg X-Men comic Logjam published by badtwin., with additional material drawn by Jotham Stavely


Interview, illustration, and comic excerpt featured in British comics magazine Your Days Are Numbered, issue 9

Published mini comic Q&A, a collaboration between artists Dan Berger, Mike Dooney, Jim Lawson, Shawn McManus, myself, John Statama, and David White

Piece in #WHENWILLTHECREEPSMEET show at Orbital Gallery in London

Short webcomic What Is Nigeria? with Sean T. Collins. Review: Smoke and Stir

Piece in Darkest Days show at FOE Store and Gallery in Northampton, MA


Self-published mini comic Logjam: The Best Fucking X-Man Ever. Reviews: Bleeding Cool, This Is Infamous

Illustration in Australian literary magazine The Lifted Brow, issue #18

Three short NSFW webcomics with Sean T. Collins; Ecce Homo, Ego Te Absolvo, and Gloria in Excelsis Deo

Piece in Piece A Cake show at FOE Store and Gallery in Northampton, MA


Self-published Dead Man Holiday comic book collection. Reviews: The Comics Journal, Broken Frontier, This Is Infamous

"I want me to fuck you, David." short NSFW webcomic with Sean T. Collins

Illustrations in Massachussets-based literary magazine Meat For Tea, Vol. 5 Issue 4 and Vol. 6 Issue 2

Piece in Year of the Dragon show at FOE Store and Gallery in Northampton, MA


Comic Book Art Show exhibition with Mark Velard and Hans Rickheit in Greenfield, MA

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